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Ginger Herbs Tea - Ginger only can be found in Malaysia


A long ago, our ancient told us a magical idiom, having a cup of ginger tea would avoid to prevent from catching cold also keep to build a good body.

 Some people think Ginger Tea is best to drink in winter only, in fact, it can be served with all seasons.

1. Prevention: assist to accelerate cycle blood vessel, preventing cold, headache, cold-induced cough, vomiting, neuralgia, etc.

2. Refreshing: detoxification, metabolism, relieve fatigue, anorexia, insomnia, bloating and other symptoms;

3. Relieve motion sickness :  seasickness, halo aircraft lead todizziness, vomiting, and promote brain blood circulation, eliminate depressed;

4. Hangover: accelerate blood circulation to reduce alcohol;

5 Regime: Long-term drinking can lead to preclude cardiovascular disease, stroke prevention, on tumor-inhibition effect.

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